Welcome New Residents

Since the mid-August move is so hectic, we will open a temporary office at a downtown site for some move ins   There will be people from Oakland Property Services at this location from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on August 15.

If you are moving into West Washington Ave., West Doty St., West Mifflin St., West Gilman St., North Frances St., Van Hise Ave., Brittingham Place or North Brooks St. please pick up your keys and move in information at 426 W. Washington Ave.

All other move-ins should come to the Oakland Property Services office at 122 E. Olin Ave., Suite 195 between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Our workers will be doing the maintenance and painting during the night of August 14. Cleaning, carpet replacement and shampooing will be done on the morning of the 15th. Because of the amount of work that must be done overnight, we cannot assure anyone that they can move in before 10:00 am on the 15th. Some could be later than this.

Please remember that in order to pick up keys and move in, ALL residents will need to have completed ALL of the lease paperwork by August 10.  You must also pay your full security deposit plus one-half month's rent for August prior to or when the first roommate comes to pick up keys. This means ALL of the rent, not just your portion. If you will be paying on August 15, please bring a check or money order. We do not accept cash or credit/debit cards.

Due to the recent growth of bedbugs in Madison, we strongly warn against picking up any furniture or clothing off the street.  This could bring bedbugs to your apartment which could be a painful and expensive problem.

Because we need to approve where any satellite dish is installed, please do not schedule any satellite dish installation on August 15.  You will need to talk to the property manager.

If you will not be moving in and August 15, please email us at oaklandprop@yahoo.com to make special arrangements.

We hope you enjoy living in your new home.